Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello everyone!

Today is my second day going gluten free, and as usual, whenever I do this, I feel so much better.  No joint aching, a bit of an easier time getting out of bed today, and I am lighter.

I have been weighing myself every day since the new year started.  Official weigh ins are on Sunday but I weigh daily to keep track of how I react to things. 

I have lost 2 pounds literally overnight since yesterday.  That should say something- that I need to f***ing stick to it already.

On another note, I am thinking of video blogging again. Not daily, but perhaps weekly because I have a busy schedule coming up.  

I also took a nice long walk today- about a half an hour.  That's all I have time to fit in today, but it's something. 

Sometimes a good walk is enough if you keep your diet under control, like I did today.  

I hope everyone else had a nice Monday too. Two weeks into the new year, don't give up on your resolutions!

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