Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hello everyone!

I still hope everyone is staying toasty warm today.  My workplace finally reopened, and damn... Is it ever cold out! -15 degrees Fahrenheit is nothing to shake a stick at.  Be careful out there. 

Jack Frost isn't just nipping at our noses here, he's ripping off our entire faces!

Still not eating as healthy as I'd like, and it's making me feel a bit guilty, and I still have my cold. No fun.  No fun at all.

I have been thinking, I really want to get back into loosely following Tracy's diet.  Lately she has been having a lot of interviews in regard to the subject so I will be reading the latest.  I heard she isn't so into the low calorie diets anymore, so we'll see what I find.

I did do some exercise today, I did walk around for a half an hour at work on my lunch break.  It felt okay to do, a bit hard on my lungs because I am still coughing but at least I got off my butt. 

I also feel like I am actually GAINING weight... Not good. 

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