Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hello everyone!

Today is day three of going wheat-free and I really think that so far, this is what is best for my body in terms of feeling healthy and losing my weight. 

I have actually found a place to get gluten free chicken nuggets for a cheaper price than normal.  If you have an Aldi supermarket near you, check it out.  The location near me has them in 1 pound packages for about 5 dollars. 

Tiny little things (I noticed that seems to be a trend among gluten free chicken nuggets- they're tiny!) but for the price, pretty good. 

I also discovered that these (if you like spicy foods) are delicious dipped in good ol' sriracha sauce. 

Tasty firestorm indeed. 

The other gluten free chicken I have tried were Tyson's and Ian's. To me they all taste really similar, but cost a lot differently.  Aldi brand -> Tyson -> Ian's. 

Have you tried any gluten free chicken? How did you feel about it?

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