Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gluten Free Madness - Day 2!

Hello everyone!

Today is my second day of being super-duper-careful gluten and grain free, and already I am noticing some things happening (in a good way).

1. No stomach issues- no gas, no poop problems, no bloating!
2. Almost no joint pain at all
3. I slept a little better last night than previously
4. I already see my belly deflating. 
5. I am going pee a lot more (but that could be also related to my increased water intake)
6. Less hungry and less of an appetite *in a good way!*

Today what I ate-


Sausage and eggs again, like yesterday, again with the iced coffee with no milk.

Mid-morning snack: Terra vegetable chips

Lunch: Chicken Limone and olive oil-sauteed green beans.  This was super decadent and super delicious so I only took a little, but damn, was it good!

Dinner: TBA, I actually still feel satisfied from the foods I already ate today. If I eat something later, I'll touch on it in tomorrow's post. 

Exercise: running around doing Christmas shopping. I am not sure if I have time to get a workout in tonight. Again, if I do, I will mention it tomorrow. 

I am actually very proud of myself, at lunch today it was actually set up more like a buffet, we got the gluten free chicken I wanted, just a lot of it, haha (to share).  The hard part was resisting the stuffed pasta and chicken parmigiana.  

Yup. I said no to this. It was so hard but I did it. 

I am having really high hopes for myself eating like this, I am curious on something- I wonder how much I can lose being grain free for this week WITHOUT exercise.  I think I will make that an experiment. No real exercising until Monday, after I do my next weigh-in. 

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  1. That's great! I'm planning on grain and dairy free starting January 2nd.