Monday, December 16, 2013

Gluten Free Madness- Day 1!

Hello everyone!

Today I began eating absolutely grain/gluten free, because as I mentioned before, I have been dealing with a lot of physical symptoms and just a general feeling of crappy unwellness.

I am not a vegan yet, by the way, not even close, but it is my goal one day.  Today did not reflect that.

I got my starting weight, and it was higher than it's ever been, which I actually expected since I have been feeling so crappy.

Here's a breakdown of my day today:

Breakfast: Sausage patty and scrambled eggs, with iced coffee (no cream, just sugar free sweetener)

Lunch: Homemade sliced beef and a can of green beans, and 1 serving of Terra sweet potato chips 

Dinner: Grilled pork belly meat and onions

8 cups of lemon water

As I said, not vegan, but I am working on one eating issue at a time, starting with grains since they make me feel the sickest aside from lactose. 

How did I feel today?  When I woke up, I was exhausted, achy, and tired.  I felt like crap like any other morning.  As the day progressed, I felt slightly less bogged-down.  I didn't find myself as ravenous as I did when I ate too much starch, I ate 3 meals until satisfied. That's it. No snacks, nothing.  And yes, there were lots of goodies at work that I just said no to. 

And being that the holidays are coming, there are two work luncheons coming up (one is tomorrow!) and thankfully, we all ordered what we wanted on our own, allowing me to pick my grain-free stuff.

Tomorrow's lunch will be Italian, I put in an order for Chicken Limone (in lemon butter and capers) and they do make it gluten-free, the menu specified to tell the person taking my order not to use flour. 
Chicken Limone- I hope it's as yummy as it looks. 

Thursday is another work lunch- Chinese this time. I almost gave in and put in an order for Orange Chicken (that fried, bready, sweet deliciousness from heaven that sadly doesn't agree with my tummy) but changed my mind and ordered Mongolian Beef (basically beef and onions, it's not breaded to my knowledge. Other Mongolian Beef I've had was NOT breaded in any way).

As for working out, I had an incredibly busy day- originally I was supposed to be off this week, however due to circumstances I am putting in a lot of hours this week.   I did walk for 15 minutes running errands at work, not including walking around grocery shopping later and other little trips I made (like taking out the trash). 

So, thankfully, I am surviving the dietary holiday onslaught just fine. (Unlike last year!) If anything, I plan on starting TAM workouts on Friday when I do not have to go to work. 

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