Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Plan... Perhaps.

Hello everyone!

Over my time away from blogging, I have been to the doctor and have sorted out the medical problem that I have. A main cure/reduction of the symptoms is losing weight. I have also found out that I am what they call “morbidly obese” and my doc recommended I go on weight watchers.

On another note about being so heavy, it has come to my attention that perhaps maybe. JUST maybe, Tracy's method isn't quite appropriate for someone with as much weight to lose as I have. When I get down to around 200 pounds, then I would be DEFINITELY coming back to TAM. Again, this is tentative right now. Still coming up with a plan of attack but that is one of the options.

Tonight, I am going out with a friend of mine to discuss weight watchers, which she is also going to begin on Monday with me. I am also going to head to Bed Bath and Beyond (for those of you outside the US, that's a houseware/kitchenware store) and pick up the following:

A digital food scale
Good measuring cups (liquid and dry)
Measuring spoons (because a tablespoon from your silverware might not really be a true tablespoon)

I was on WW back in 2007, was VERY diligent and lost a lot of weight, as did my friend. So, we decided we are going to do it again.

As for working out, I am mainly going to focus on walking off the weight, perhaps adding in some jogs.

More to come, have a great day!

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