Friday, August 19, 2011

Doing Meta again. Excitement!

Hello everyone!

The past couple of days haven't been the best diet wise. I didn't count my points well yesterday or the day before.

I did do some exercise.  I did the biggest loser DVD on both days.

I have started my preparations for Monday- I have made up my Metamorphosis calendar and I plan to be a bit more stringent on my eating.  I have learned that eating higher point value foods means I will often be hungry even when my points for the day are all eaten up. 

Diet goal #1- eat more vegetables/oatmeal to fill up on less points and not to drink so many of my points.

I am doing Abcentric starting Monday, I might add on Omnicentric as well and just do all the moves with less reps, like 10-15 instead of 20-30 so I don't burn out. I do not plan on doing 2 centrics forever. Just for the first 90 days then hitting the mat for Abcentric continuity.

For those of you new to my blog, this is Metamorphosis- 

Also- not sure if I mentioned this but I am going to approach dance cardio in the following way- 

Level 1- 10 minutes step touching cardio 
Level 2- 20 minutes step touching cardio
Level 3- 30 minutes step touching cardio
Level 4- 40 minutes step touching cardio
Level 5- 10 minutes high impact, 30 minutes step touch
Level 6- 20 minutes high impact, 20 minutes step touch
Level 7- 30 minutes high impact, 10 minutes step touch
Level 8- 40 minutes high impact
Level 9- 50 minutes high impact
Continuity 1- One hour high impact

This is tentative, it depends on how I feel. Last time I did metamorphosis I was able to do 30 minutes of step touching from the get go. I have gained weight since then so this is why I am taking it slow.  Also I will be walking to supplement this. 

Have a great Friday!!!!

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