Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hello everyone!

I haven't posted for a few days because of technical issues (my desktop went dead, in the process of getting it fixed up and back in use).

I'm borrowing a laptop so I can still get work done.  

Remember how I posted about doing the Pregnancy Project to work out?  I got results from my friend who began it herself (who is also large like me).  She has been doing it for three months now with no cardio (recovering from injuries non-TAM related) and has lost 11 inches total.  For no cardio (and I do not know how her eating is) that's pretty good.

I want to start doing it now, but I will be incorporating cardio and cleaner eating.  My goal is to do 1 segment of the Boot Camp cardio (10 minutes) step touching and add 10 more minutes each week until I am at 60 minutes of step touching.  Then, as I go along, the jumping will come when I am ready.

Also, I will have no set time to do one particular level of the Pregnancy workouts.  If they get easy fast, then I will go to the next.  If they never get really easier, then one month per workout.

I'll take measurements and stuff, I will start on June 1.  That gives me time to get through the holiday tomorrow and get my workout space ready. (I am also having my monthly so that should be done by June 1 too).

For diet I will follow more along the lines of the Metamorphosis diet plan.  Not exact but similar. 

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