Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saw Iron Man 3

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I went to the movies and saw Iron Man 3.  I was really excited to see it, so I went on the day it was released instead of waiting a while for the crowds to calm down.

The movie (I thought) was really good for a Part 3.

Also, of course, I noticed how good Gwyneth Paltrow looked in it.  In this film, you see Pepper Potts quite a bit, and even with less clothing than usual.  

Like this.

There is also a scene in the movie where you see her wearing that bra but you can see something else- she has abs. That scene made me feel really guilty about the popcorn I was eating while watching it. (I'm half joking... Okay, no I'm not!) 

As far as I am aware, she still was doing the Tracy Anderson Method while filming Iron Man 3 and to get in shape for it (even though she's usually in shape anyway!) 

Speaking of bodies, on a side note, I have to admit that in the movie, Robert Downey Jr's body was really nice too, haha.  I personally don't like a guy that's too muscular or too bony.  His was at that balance, I think.

Also, I know he used to do TAM.  His wife Susan is still doing it, she even appears in interviews in the Pregnancy Project.

Have any of you seen Iron Man 3 yet?  Do you plan to? You should! 

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