Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More info on Tracy's Food Plan!

Hello everyone!

I posted before about Tracy Anderson's meal delivery plan, and I found an even more detailed article about it from the  Tracy Anderson Method facebook page.

"Tracy Anderson has conquered fitness centers, a leggings line, exercise videos and even hair salons.

Now the successful A-list trainer is expanding her empire to include food by launching a meal delivery program.
And the 38-year-old looked to her best friend and client, Gwyneth Paltrow, to promote her new Food Program on her lifestyle website.
The actress, 40, shared her endorsement of the program on Goop.
'It's amazing for anyone looking to lose weight, reset bad eating habits or just eat really well on a busy schedule,' she wrote.
'The ingredients are super-quality and fresh. . . and blast-chilled right after preparation to lock in key nutrients.'
Currently available in the Los Angeles area only, Ms Anderson's Food Program costs $49.95 a day for a 60-day package.
The plan includes breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners and desserts, and features a vegetarian option as well.
Some of the breakfasts delivered consist of Tracy's wellness shake, or an 'egg stack' with eggplant and zucchini.
For dinner, the trainer serves up sun-dried tomato-crusted eggplant for vegetarians, or a salmon burger with dill yogurt for those who eat meat.
And the program even allows consumers to indulge in desserts such as truffles, cookies, and chocolate pudding - using healthy ingredients, of course.
The meals - which Ms Paltrow says are developed by 'one of our favorite chefs' - are delivered six days a week, and include a whole week of food.
Ms Anderson, a mother-of-two, has also launched a Liquid Program, which delivers raw and organic smoothies for daily consumption or a juice cleanse."

Now the liquid program I had never heard anything about, so that is interesting.  If I read or see anything else about that, I will let you know!

And yeah, still WAY too expensive for me, and I would do it if I had the money.

If you want to eat like Gwyneth without spending $1500 a month in grocery deliveries, check out her book, It's All Good.

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