Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Teen Meta and Pregnancy Project DVD Initial Review

Hello everyone!

My Teen Meta finally arrived! I took pictures of it and my Pregnancy Project DVDs.

Front cover 

Back cover

Inside: Disc 1, the band, and the instruction on how to use and care for the band. NO calendar.

Disc 2 and 3

Disc 4

I left the band in the wrapping because I am considering giving it to a younger friend of mine that this kind of workout would actually be meant for (a teenage girl).  However, it arrived well packed from Amazon and I have not watched the DVDs yet.  

Next: Pregnancy Project

 Front cover (it comes in a sleeve that looks exactly like the front and back cover)
Back cover (explains each month)

Inside: A little introduction and disc 1

Disc 2 and 3

Disc 4 and 5

Disc 6 and 7

Disc 8 and 9

I will be starting these DVDs (the Pregnancy Project) ASAP, starting with month 9 and I will review it in more detail (as I will do with them as I go through them).  In all, these sets are both packaged very well, nothing shaking around, etc.

For the price for this many DVDs (19.99 each on I would say it's a good investment.

Have a great night, and I'm excited to start!

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