Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tracy Anderson's Food Program- More Details~

Hello everyone!

I posted before how Tracy Anderson is launching a food program that will be nationwide.  

You can now find info about ordering at

Let's check it out and see what's involved!

Here's what the main page says.

All too often, poor diet choices undermine our physical progress, which is why we're thrilled to announce our convenient, delivery-based food program, which takes the mystery and stress out of mealtime.
Eating is one of the most emotional things we do. Too often, we’re predisposed to approach food with feelings of fear and dismay—particularly when we’re trying to lose weight. Hunger can make us all feel helpless and out of control. In letting us architect your daily nutritional intake to ensure that it’s balanced and calorically appropriate, we’ll also help you reset eating habits and break any chemical and mental addiction patterns. In short: You will no longer have to spend your days worrying about what you should, and should not, eat. A vegetarian option is also available.
We pair the best ingredients (local and organic, whenever possible), with all that we know about the science of cooking: The preparation of food can play a huge role in insulin resistance, weight gain, and health problems—as we age, there is a systemic increase in inflammatory cytokines that contribute to every degenerative disease, and it is our goal to help you extinguish some of those fires from the inside out. To that end, our meals are prepared and then blast-chilled, to lock in key nutrients.
When you pair our food program ($49.95 per day, plus delivery) with the Tracy Anderson Method, it won’t take long before you will reach your weight loss goals—and the feelings of success will come with feelings of control. You’ll feel equipped to navigate your nutritional destiny, and the next time you want to indulge in a row of Oreos or a basket of fries, you won’t feel unhinged: It will become a treat you can truly enjoy.

Yes. $50 PER DAY. And that price even varies depending on how long you subscribe.

Program Length
14 days
30 days
60 days
90 days
120 days
6 months
12 months

So for 60 days, it will run you about $1500 in food.  Maybe good for the wealthy models and actresses but not the average woman, especially the moms out there.

Which leads to the next thing that's been irking people- wording in her sample menu.

The font choice for this was terrible, especially for the third panel.  Many people have thought that in the first group of text toward the bottom it says "Don't beat yourself up unless you need to lose weight."

What it actually says (but hard to see because of the teeny tiny font!) "But don't beat yourself up. Unless you need to lose weight, (skip past the prep instructions) eat what you want, but sensibly."

My input:

1. This is a really good idea for women who complain that making meals on her plan is too time consuming, etc, but I think it is WAY too pricey even for a home delivery service.

2. She needs to have her designers redo this menu, it's hard to read, hard on the eyes and causes problems because what they have in visual appeal takes away from the ability to read and understand the information.

3. Would I subscribe to this? Sure, if I was wealthy, of course.  $1500 a month for one person is outlandish. PLUS delivery fees. Nope. Nope nope nope.  It's a nice idea, but costs way too much, period.

How about you? Are any of you planning to try it, or do you have an opinion of your own? Post below!

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