Monday, June 3, 2013

Back On The Tracy Train!

Hello everyone! 

After a LONG hiatus from exercise, I have decided to man the saddle, get back on the wagon, whatever euphemism you like for starting over and get back into Metamorphosis.  I thought I would need a slower approach but something in me doesn't think I do, so we'll see.

I took my measurements and weight and that was also a MAJOR wakeup call.  

I am making one modification though.  Instead of going head on into Abcentric, I am going to do as I was advised by Tracy's team herself to go to do Hipcentric first.

I sent an email a long time ago, back when they were helping people individually define their centrics and I had sent them a picture.

Their reply:

Thank you so much for your photos!  Tracy said you are abcentric (you are right!), however, you are too weak in the abs to start abcentric, so go to Hipcentric for 3 months and then start Abcentric Level 1.  She also wants you to do our wellness shake (found on our website) and watch your food for those 3 months, while on Hipcentric. 

So the verdict- do Hipcentric all the way through, then go to Ab continuity.  I am not going to do that, I am going to do Ab Meta right after and THEN go to continuity.  I want to give my abs the chance to strengthen up after my hips do.

Will also not be fully doing the dance cardio, I know that it will not be possible each day.  In those cases, I will be taking brisk walks for at least 30 minutes and get my heart rate up doing that.  This is something I have asked Tracy's people about and they have also said walking is fine to do.

So, without further ado... I will begin again. With good eating.  Have a great day!!!

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