Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still sore... And tips for beginners!


Unfortunately today I was still pretty sore, and had my chemistry final today...  I have come to the decision that Day 1 will begin on August 1st.  Not only will I provide an updated weight as a starting point, I will also be taking my body measurements because weight loss is not the only sign of fat loss.  You can stay the same weight, but lose measurable fat off of your body and look better.

I should have seen this blog post first. Very useful information about starting out on the method at home, focusing mainly on learning the dreaded (for many) Dance Cardio!

Another things she said in the interview following PD1-

1. To really see results it DOES take serious commitment.
2. You must be patient with yourself and only do as much as you can do at a time. 
3. Dance aerobics is just as important as the toning.
4. You will feel tired the next day, but you should not feel sore.

Also she mentions to do PD1 for a month, and get good at it. Then, switch up your workouts every ten days.  (do the old mat workout, the webisodes, etc)  She also mentions that if you join her site (which I did), they are going to send all clients 3 free webisodes a month, for you to do one every 10 days.  Not sure when but in her DVDs she says it, and I heard somewhere else that it should start happening this fall.

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