Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 3... Naughty Naughty...


Today was SUPPOSED to be a good day, doing my PD1 and Dance Cardio again.  Unfortunately, I was still sore from overdoing it on Monday. (as I said, this is sorta the learning week, I go full blast on August 1st!)  I also was NOT good with my diet today either.  (My monthly buddy on the way is also partly to blame for this...)

So, I'm gonna own up and spill my dietary debauchery confessions.


Oatmeal and stevia


A small bag of beef jerky (I was craving this like mad!)
6 inch Italian BMT sub from subway (Also craving this!)
Extra hot giardiniera on the sub

The other half of the sandwich- another 6 inches. This monster has 500 calories per 6 inch WITHOUT cheese. ( I still abided by Tracy's no dairy decree)

Snacks (this is where the mischief happened)

1 bag of gummy bears
Some marshmallows

Total today was something like 1600 calories or something... Not good. My goal is to be between 1000-1200. My metabolism is slower so 1500 cals almost does nothing. 

Walked 1 hour for exercise.

Well, I hope tomorrow I'm less sore. Note to self- don't try to do the moves as fast and as many as Tracy this early in the game! At the end of PD she does say not to push too hard, you should not be sore the next day.  "Awake" yes, but not sore (like me!)

I might even use this week to recuperate a bit, enjoy my last workout-free saturday and kick off the new month strong!

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