Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 1 6/3/2013

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to be starting Meta- I had to skip my first day and it really pisses me off.  I had an emergency come up which set me back 3 hours behind my schedule last night. Ugh.

I was, however, active to make up for it. At work, I was mega busy, lots of walking and lots of stairs. (NO elevator.) Then, I had to go to stores and I walked around a bit there.  Not much sitting yesterday at all.

Also, my eating was MUCH better.  Here's a breakdown. I'm not even bothering with calories.  It's probably a bit low but I felt full and happy.


4 slices of turkey bacon
2 slices of ham
Egg white/bell pepper omelet
Small green apple

3 hard boiled eggs (Brought a think thin bar but it was nasty and expired so I ate the eggs.  Still very satiating.)

1/2 cup drained black beans
Bowl of salad (romaine/carrots/onion) with Italian dressing (not the low calorie/low fat gross shit laden with sugar)

Lots and lots of plain tea!

Also I am finalizing that I am doing Abcentric.  The hipcentric DVDs I have do not work!!! My Abcentric ones do, so I am just going to do them, do my best, and be careful.  

Also, I am not going to make up the MS for yesterday. Level 1 I have done countless times, if I skip a day, it won't matter. No making a habit of it though.

So the mission for tonight is to get to the mat! I may not do my Dance Cardio for day 2 but I am going for a long brisk walk. DC may happen depending on how I feel, the more important is the muscular structure work.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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