Friday, June 7, 2013

Tracy Anderson Beginner Workout Coming Soon!

Hello everyone!

A while ago, I read in an article that Tracy Anderson is coming out with a workout for people who are absolute beginners to her workouts, but haven't heard much since.

Today, I noticed that this workout will be for sale soon- August 6 to be exact.

A friend of mine showed me a link to an online store called and way at the bottom, there it is.

It says there are two 30 minute workouts made for beginners.  Amazon also has this title available for pre-order.

The price is pretty reasonable too- $14.99 at collagevideo and $12.99 at Amazon.

It's noted that one place it DOESN'T mention this DVD yet is Tracy's actual shop, perhaps they are working on a trailer for it and such.

The collagevideo link is the only one with a picture of the cover on it.  

Do I want it? Absolutely. Will I get it? Absolutely.  I want to know what a "beginner" workout looks like.

How about you guys?  Would you buy it?  

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