Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tracy Anderson Live Chat 10/9/11

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow at 12pm on her Metamorphosis forum, according to the forum moderator, Tracy herself will be online answering questions/chatting with members online. 

I hope I will be able to hop online and get a piece of some of this action.  If you could ask Tracy questions, what would they be? 

Also, I found an article on her website that says that her diet is "stricter than The Biggest Loser"

Click for link!

Also Miss Anderson is mentioned in an article by Self Magazine reviewing infomercial exercise products. 

An excerpt from the article- Link

Only one of the products was given the full 5 starts. Guess which!

Also, I am working on a Dance Cardio playlist on Grooveshark. I will give you guys the link to check it out soon!

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