Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A few words about my eating-

Hello everyone!

I, like so many women who are trying to lose weight, stay in shape, etc have, in the past, been an obsessive counter. Counting calories. Counting weight watchers points. Counting carbs. Counting fat. Whatever. It sucks. And often, Ok, ALL THE TIME, I screw it up, get mad, and quit. 

I also sort of felt trapped, like I couldn't have fun because of numbers.

Have you ever been in this situation?

Your friend asks you to go out to lunch with them at x restaurant. You reply "Oh sorry, I can't eat there. Too many calories."  I've been there. And in retrospect I feel like I look rude and foolish saying this. And maybe a bit psycho. Maybe.

I am being taught a new way of eating (well not NEW but new to me)- PORTION CONTROL. No counting. No obsessing. No real sacrifices aside from the obvious- No sweetened drinks, limit your starches. I am allowed to eat out, even go to McDonalds, as long as I make good choices and not eat too much. Also I am being re-educated that this is NOT A DIET. It is how I should be eating for life.

After ONE DAY- I feel like a weight has been lifted out of my mind.  I CAN EAT. I DON'T HAVE TO LIVE AROUND COUNTING. I hate math, LOL.  I also stopped tracking my food in my iPod app because it shows the calorie counts and it being there will coax out that OCD crazy woman. So, I have reverted to the good old pen and paper approach. I have a little pocketsized notebook that goes in my purse with me everywhere. 

I know that for a lot of people this sounds like common sense but to me I feel like my eyes have been opened after being bombarded by all these crazy fad diets and stuff (including Tracy's!) that did nothing but confuse me, set me up to fail, screw up my metabolism, make my life hell, and  put money in someone else's pocket.  The diet industry is a multibillion dollar business for a reason- the very obese- like me (and even the skinny)- We're often a very desperate, very LAZY folk who want the quickest fix and are willing to shell out the cash to do it. And get let down almost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  I am really hoping doing it the simple way will help me get my life back. I really do.

Speaking of which- I will be taking my first measurements and weight tomorrow morning! Very exciting stuff.  I will also be starting to do some exercises tonight-

Examples of what I am to do for now (baby steps!) 


Beginning to train to do the full workout-

There are a lot of free webisodes in case any of you want to dabble or take a peek before perhaps buying the full DVD. Terri's official channel is exerciseworld on YouTube. She has a lot of stuff there as well!

Have a great day and I look forward to posting my current measurements.

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