Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 1 ART Method

Hello everyone!

As of now, Terri does not have me on an exercise prescription, right now we are working on my eating/drinking habits.  I was given a set of guidelines (that I promised not to share in detail, sorry guys!) but I CAN list what I have been eating today.


2 eggs cooked in olive oil spray (no fake stuff- I make sure it says 100% olive oil)
2 small Gala apples


2 slices of roast beef on potato bread (2 slices) topped with-
- Lettuce
- Pepperoncini (hot peppers)
- Green pepper slices
- Red onion slices
- White onion slices
- Mustard


2 Boca Burgers (original Vegan)
A large handful of mini sweet bell peppers

To drink:

2 liters of water
1 16 ounce cup of coffee with 2 fat free half/halfs. NO Sweetener (Yuck but I think I will get used to it)

I really hope day 2's eating will be as good as today's. I hope you all have a great evening!

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