Monday, October 3, 2011

ART Method by Terri Walsh

Hello everyone!

After hearing lots of great things from TAM exercisers and non TAM exercisers alike, I have decided to give my next 6 weeks to miss Terri Walsh, creator of the ART Method. 

The ART Method is a series of movements based on 4 Active Resistance points (I believe ART stands for Active Resistance Training) and learning to use these can help you in any workout that you do.  

Others who have gone back to TAM have said they feel more connected to their body and are able to perform the exercises more efficiently.

I have been fortunate enough to chat with Terri herself (Lovely woman!) and she has been giving me great advice especially when it comes to eating (More on that later) and hopefully a more personalized prescription as to what workouts to do, and when.

I have her DVD (trailer below) which also comes as an app on iTunes.

I will be going back to Tracy after this 6 weeks is up and I will keep eating according to Terri's guidelines. But more on that later. 

Have a great night, check back soon!

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