Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy New Year!  2014 seemed to be a rough year for so many people, myself included.   Here's to making 2015 better than last year!

With the new year here, I have a new plan for my workouts and 2 new DVDs. I got the 2 latest Tracy Anderson DVDs - Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for Beginners.  I will review them in the next post. 

As for my plan - I am starting the new year in not so great shape.  I tried to do PiYo last month, and it irritated my knee really bad - something TAM has never done - so I decided to go back to what worked without knee injuries. 

My first phase of workouts is going to be doing the very introductory Method For Beginners DVD (Includes both MS and Cardio, very basic and focuses on building strength to go forward) and then move on to the Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for beginners.

Here's a little preview of what Mat and Cardio Dance for beginners are: Mat is 3 workouts, a beginner mat routine, then a chair routine, then finally an intermediate mat routine.  Cardio Dance is 4 15 minute segments, each one getting more progressively intense.

As for now, I want to build my strength back up with the Method for Beginners DVD, and when I master that, when I can do all of the reps of the mat work (20) easily, then move on.  After the Mat/Dance Cardio for Beginners I am going to do one of the following (not sure which is best)

1. Precision Toning > Perfect Design Series > Metamorphosis

2. Precision Toning > Metamorphosis

I did do a review on Precision Toning a few months ago ( that can be read here: Precision Toning Review ) 

As for my cardio progression, I am thinking starting out with just one fifteen minute segment, then when that gets easy, add another, and build up until I can do the whole DVD.  At this time I have not watched all four segments, so I do not know how hard it actually gets.   

So, I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year Holiday, there will be more to come from me too. 

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