Friday, January 23, 2015

Frozen berries vs Fresh

Hello everyone!

As you know, I have been making smoothies every morning out of fresh berries.  I have decided to start using frozen instead.

Why?  Isn't frozen produce less nutritious?

Actually, it can be MORE nutritious because the freezing process is done right after picking and locks all the nutrients in.  Fresh produce loses nutrients as it sits.

Here's why I decided to change to frozen.

1. Cost.  $9 for 3 pounds of mixed berries (strawberry, blackberry and raspberry) is cheaper than buying fresh counterpart, considering how 1/4 of a pound of raspberries can be 2$ or more.

2. Freshness.  Fresh berries rot. Really quickly, and that rot infects the whole package very fast.  Frozen berries are frozen, I have never seen properly frozen berries (or any food for that matter) rot, so with frozen I will have fresh berries whenever I want.

3. Efficiency.  No washing, no rinsing. Just scoop out some berries and put them right in the blender from the bag.  Also a bonus is since the berries are frozen, they make my smoothies colder. 

Frozen isn't appropriate for EVERYTHING berries are needed for, but for what I need them for (smoothie making) they are perfect!

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