Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trying Again- Let's Go Vegan!

Hello everyone!

A little update on my back- it is a LOT better, and I may try to do the Method for Beginners tomorrow, as much as I can do without hurting my back.

Here's another update: I decided I would LIKE to try veganism again.  As of late, my diet has been absolutely terrible, and my skin and weight SHOWS it.  I am 28 and got mistaken for being older... That has never happened before... And my skin is full of blackheads (also unusual for me) and I am just so blown out after hurting my back it just makes me disgusted with myself. (I am aware it's not a great way to feel, just being honest.)
Yay! Veggies!

Also there IS an ethical reason too, but I am not going to be preachy and such.  Also, I am not going to make my dog a vegan.  That to  me is also unethical to deprive him of food he would eat if he were wild. 

But anyway...

I did successfully eat vegan today and it was NOT bad or difficult.


2 bananas and some green tea


Korean tofu stew with mushrooms in it instead of beef
Caramel Light Soy Frapuccino (which is vegan from my understanding)


Ajinomoto Vegetable Gyoza (These are vegan and delicious and do not even need oil to make!)
Stir fried shirataki noodles in a little gluten free orange sauce


A dinner roll (vegan)

I did not exercise today but I am easing myself back into that. My back feels loads better so I should be fine. 

I also checked my weight. I will update later as it goes on.

I am also weaning myself off of processed food, vegan or not. I admit I feel some guilt after having that roll (It's my monthly right now so I just went with cravings with that as well as the Frapuccino) but I want to stop eating those as much as possible. 

I also am aware I may slip up and eat an animal product. I'm a new vegan so this is more like a transition for me. 

So, I will keep blogging here to keep myself accountable. And yes, I do plan on a lot of repeat meals because I cook in batches. (I'm busy and need to save time)

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