Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Progress With Physical Therapy

Hello everyone!~

I have gone to physical therapy 3 times now and it's really changing my perspective on it.  I thought it was going to be EASY.

Yeah, no.

Okay, so the first couple of sessions are SOMEWHAT easy.  Now that I've gone a few times, it's getting harder.

My first time going, I thought it was sort of easy, all I was able to do was bend to my side. 

My fourth time going: Now I am doing all kinds of pelvic tilts, with bent knees, with straight legs, lifting my legs and knees, some work on my hips with a theraband...

Now it's feeling more and more like a real actual workout. I get tired from doing my therapy now, haha.  The goal right now with all these exercises is to strengthen my core and get me walking longer. I have been able to walk in 15 minute bursts and that hasn't improved yet. After 15 minutes, my foot on my left side starts numbing a little, meaning time to stop. 

While it sounds great that I am getting better, (he even said my herniation is starting to reset itself and heal) I asked about returning to my old workouts- I am still very much NOT clear to do anything except walk and my therapy right now. Bummer. 

Oh well, backs take a lot of patience. I just have to keep up my diet and therapy as told.

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