Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Bit Frustrated...

Hello everyone!

This isn't so much of a news post or anything so much as a reflection and an opinion.  I have been doing a lot of thought about my diet and I have come to some conclusions. My diet is both easy and hard. Let me explain.

Going vegan: a lot easier than I thought, yet a little difficult.

The easy: It's very easy to find food that is vegan.  You can find vegan food in any grocery store, and it's not ALL over priced processed fake meat, etc.

The hard: Most of it is NOT convenient. When it is, it's junk food like potato chips, bean burritos from Taco Bell, or it has wheat in it or some other grain I don't want, or a chemical shitstorm to make it taste edible.  I am still not used to home cooking a lot of my food, so this sounds like the whining of a lazy person to some of you, I know.

Going gluten/grain free: The hardest (and absolutely necessary) part of my diet. 

Why is it hard? Not because I crave it (I really don't, actually) but the fact that in the United States, wheat and other gluten grains are in EVERYTHING (not literally, I get it.). Maybe not flat out there but hidden. Even in vegan food. (Boca Burgers have wheat gluten in them, making them a big fat NOPE.)  Also, gluten free/grain free food is generally more expensive than grain (aka bad-for-my-digestion-crap) foods. 

Sure, eating real whole food vegetables etc, is grain free and the logical thing to do, but I am being a whiny baby about how much time and prep everything takes. I'll be the first to admit it. 

So this was more of me venting a little than anything.  I may even have to go back to eating meat because without gluten, my protein options are a bit more limited (see above) and tofu all the time will get dull. I know it.

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