Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Had a Dream Last Night. It's a Sign!

Hello everyone!

I don't have any amazing new updates today (I will post starting measurements tomorrow, tomorrow is my official "start") but I did have an interesting dream last night that really got me motivated.

In my dream, I somehow (I don't know that much detail) got to get a membership at Tracy Anderson's Brentwood studio.  I actually got to meet her in my dream and talk with her, and she even gave me an evaluation, taking my measurement and everything. She told me that to begin, since I am out of shape, I need to stop eating wheat/gluten and begin with her beginners DVD (which I have) until I am strong enough to move on, then do Precision Toning (which I have) with the Dance + Cardio DVD (not out yet but it will be mine!) and when I feel that THAT is easy, go on to Metamorphosis Abcentric.  She also taught me a new low impact, jump-free cardio routine. Very cool. 

Working out with the boss lady herself: What dreams are made of.

I know it's just re-iterating the plans I already had for myself,  but having it come from a dream and from the boss lady's mouth herself (still in a dream, but that's irrelevant!) is a bit more motivating.

I will do all my usual checking in tomorrow, but tomorrow I am not sure I can do the workout (unless I squeeze it in late- MAYBE I can do that.) but I will at least walk around tomorrow for about an hour. That's my goal.  

Also, just to get it out there when I start posting my food- I am NOT a big breakfast eater. Don't freak out on me for lack of breakfasts.  If I am hungry in the morning, fine. I'll eat breakfast. If not, then poop on that. I'll wait to eat lunch. I am a big believer (now at least) in not eating unless hungry. I don't want to reinforce my boredom eating habit by eating when not hungry. 

So, I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I will be posting on My Fitness Pal! Add me as a friend: asagi722!

Also, if you see I am eating too many/too little calories, I am not counting calories.  I am just logging what I eat. The app decides to write in calories. So again, please do not crap all over me with the "Omg why are you starving yourself/overeating so much" stuff.  It's not nice, and not supportive ANYWAY.

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