Saturday, October 19, 2013

Second Physical Therapy Visit~

Hello everyone!

I went to my second physical therapy session on Thursday and I have some good news- I am steadily improving!  I am walking a lot better (even though my left foot still goes numb after 15 minutes of walking, but it used to be 5-10 minutes that it would happen) and less things aggravate my sciatica.  Now, my therapist added some more exercises to my regime- all core work to do on my back.  I have pelvic tilts, pelvic tilts with straight/bent knees, and some hip strengthening movements to do while having a resistance band tied around my knees.  These are not for pain  management (the side bends do that job just fine) but to help strengthen up my core and hips (which he said were weak).

Also more progress: I am losing weight!  I am eating mindfully (meaning listening to my body for fullness) and staying away from fast food for the most part and despite not moving around much, have lost 5.6 pounds/2.5  kilograms. I'm keeping it up! No real restrictions aside from calories. 

Happiness is seeing the scale go down and finally seeing something work for you.

Not only is the scale headed downward but I feel like my body is slowly getting smaller, especially in the belly.  Go on body, keep shrinking!

Lastly, I have been trying to add more activity in my day, a few times this past week I took walks until I started numbing up.  I stop when I start feeling tingly in my left leg (doctor's orders!) but am doing my best to keep moving. I really want to lose this weight, and perhaps it's helping my back heal better by lightening up on it. 

I hope all of you are having a nice weekend! 


  1. Nice Post! Meniscal injuries in arthritic knees challenge me. While some patients are more than willing to start with physical therapy (PT), some like the idea of a "quick" surgical fix over the perceived drudgery of a course of PT.

    Physical Therapy Colorado Springs

  2. Congratulations on your steady progress, Roxy! And that covers both your weight loss and surgery. Hehe! I'll be having hip surgery too, and I'm looking forward to seeing great results. I do hope you'll strengthen your core and hips as your treatment continues. Please keep us updated! :)

    Sienna @

  3. You've got so much to be thankful for, Roxy. Hope that everything will continue your way - all for your own good! Don't force yourself too much, even after recovery, or you might get injured again. Give yourself enough time to heal.

    -Clinton Bashir @ USHealthWorks (Spokane-Valley-Center)