Sunday, November 30, 2014

PiYo Initial Review~

Hello everyone!

A while back, I wrote about Chalene Johnson's newest program, PiYo 

Well, now I have the program myself! *Yay for early holiday gifts!*  I will be starting it tomorrow, for a change of pace. 

The set comes with three DVDs, each with a few workouts on it (which I will be outlining as I do them, starting with tomorrow's Align: The Fundamentals) and from what I see on the calendar, you start with disc one primarily, then progress to the ones on two, then three. 

I am going to take my measurements and weight to start the 8 week program with, and I will continue eating well too.   I am curious how a low impact workout can help me, since I am heavier and high impact can't possibly be good for my knees right now.

Have any of you done PiYo?  How is it going for you, what kind of results were you seeing?

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