Saturday, May 31, 2014

No More Nonsense!

Hello everyone!

After doing some serious thinking, I have come to a realization that I really need to stop overthinking and overplanning my workout process.

All that crap about "Oh I should do this first, I should do that first" I realized does not work for someone who is as easily distracted as I am.  (I have ADHD. Seriously, I do)  What I need is a concrete, laid-out plan for me that's easy to remember and not hard to stick to.   Otherwise, my brain just starts running all over the place like a headless chicken.

What's the result of that? Many ideas, NOTHING getting done!

What's the solution? Suck it the fuck up and do Metamorphosis.  It's only one hour and requires the least equipment (Until you get into continuity but I will worry about that later) and has the least opportunity to make excuses about  why you "can't".

I got inspired and gave the commercial another watch.

You know what was keeping me from doing it again? My brain's idiotic need to be perfect. To do ALL the reps perfectly, every time.   Again, that kind of thinking gets people nowhere.

So, I decided to just do it. Every day, six days a week, even if I can only do 5 reps of a move.  As long as I've done as many as I can, that's good enough.  That still makes changes in the body.

Also I looked back at the last time I did Meta I got to level 5 and I was seeing great results from it despite only doing maybe 20 reps per leg instead of 40.

Which leads to the next thing: Screw counting reps. Counting reps does for me what weighing yourself every day does for some people. You get obsessed with a number. It drives you crazy.  You don't make the number you hoped for? "Fuck it! I'm done with this! I quit!" Those are the kinds of thoughts I am trying to avoid.  So, I am going to do what someone on the Tracy Community online told me to do: Do as many as you can in the time allotted with no stopping.  That is how you become stronger.

By the way, I absolutely love the community on Tracy's site (and of course the Facebook pages I am part of) and I will be a much bigger participant.  If you want to look for me, my username is the same as this page: teenytinyquest

As for the diet: I will loosely follow it- I am striving to be vegan and limiting my grains to rice. (Due to allergies) Also no puree weeks. I just don't have time and I do not want this to be any more complicated than it needs to be. 

Now, there is ONE adjustment and additional DVD I will be doing- I will be using the Dance + Cardio DVD for my cardio instead of the DVD that comes with Metamorphosis. It's still very sweaty without messing up my knees.  It allows for low impact but can also be high impact if you make it so.  Very easy to adapt it to your fitness level. It also allows me to work up to one hour of cardio without being bored because I won't be just repeating the same stuff over again for the second 30 minutes. I again, am one of those people who needs to be engaged in it- Repetition bores the hell out of  me.  Also, balls to the wall cardio could be counterproductive: What I mean by that is going too hard usually results in me needing to take DAYS off which is NOT what I want. Nope. Not at all.

Also for length of time of cardio... Whatever I feel energetic enough to do on that given day, but at least 30 minutes. (Or at least TRYING. Something is better than nothing.)

So, Monday, June 2 I will be rejoining all of you ladies doing Metamorphosis.  My main goal is just to get it done daily, no matter how bad I suck at it.

See you on the mat!

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