Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Days 2 and 3 of the Juice Cleanse

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late post, but previously, I had posted about being on a juice cleanse and I wrote about my first day- sluggish, tired, and feeling like crap.  Here is how days 2 and 3 went!

Day 2:

My energy level was MUCH higher. Not through the roof, but higher for sure.  It seemed like my body had gotten used to being on a liquid diet.

This next part is going to be a bit nasty.

Now that I had been consuming nothing but liquids for a whole day... Let's just say what goes in liquid comes out liquid too.   If you juice cleanse, be absolutely sure you can be near a bathroom at all times.  It will hit you. It will hit you SUDDENLY. (At least it did for me)

I looked forward to that cashew milk even more.

Day 3:

My energy level still pretty good, considering that I got my period on the same day.  I had actually  began to think about how I will miss these juices once the day is over.  I felt good, my skin felt softer and I haven't had stomach issues like I had in days.  I got through the day, and that final cashew milk was savored. I nursed it for about 30 minutes, taking it sip by sip.  I had finished the cleanse without any slip ups, and this really made me feel good.

So, the big question: How did it affect my weight?


On the first day, I weighed 309.5 pounds, on the third... 302.3 pounds (140.7 kg and 137.4 kg respectively)

A 7.2 pound, 3.3 kilogram loss. A loss that 4 days after finishing, I am proud to say that I am maintaining!

I also changed my diet and lifestyle since the cleanse.  I will be starting Precision Toning and that will be next time's post.

So there you have it- The results of my juice cleanse!

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