Friday, March 28, 2014

My little plan~

Hello everyone!

As I said before, I tried out the Beginner Workout and the Dance + Cardio DVD and I have watched Precision Toning as well. Another detail I may add- I now have the Perfect Design Series workouts 1-3! They used to be 29.99 each, I got mine for $8 on Amazon. 

I also have a theory that at least, to me, Metamorphosis seems more like a maintenance workout.  Why? I have heard Tracy say that to lose weight, optimal workout is an hour each of MS and Dance Cardio, and that 30/30 is something Tracy did to appeal to the masses better.

So, here is what I want to try!  My plan will be in several phases. 

1. Work on the beginner DVD until it is easy.  I would say that I am about half way there. 

2. Next, work on the Precision Toning DVD. She says in that one to do it before Metamorphosis. It's an hour long and from what I hear, QUITE a challenge.  It may take quite a while before I am really decent at it.

3. Progress through the Perfect Design Series 1-3 until it's easy-ish. Again, this will take a long long time.  The goal here is to use these long MS workouts to lose my weight. 

4. When I am strong and (hopefully) much thinner, go on to Abcentric Metamorphosis to tone up more and to maintain my weight loss. 

All the while I will work on the Dance + Cardio DVD until I am good at it and can jump through it for the entire hour. Starting of course, with only 30 minutes and when that starts getting easy, bump up to 60 and then when THAT gets easier, add jumps. 

Yes, this will take a while. And yes, food changes are needed.  I'll log that too (with pictures sometimes because I like to make my food look somewhat pretty). 

For now, this is what I have for a long term plan.  I may add the 30 day Boot Camp in there somewhere but I'll cross that when I come to it. 

I think April 1 is a good day to start, checking my weight and such. 

I'll post a bit about how I'd like to eat tomorrow~ Until then, I hope you had a great day!

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