Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Diet Plan (Well, the Start of One)

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned before in my previous blog entry, today I will talk a bit about how I would like to start eating, as lately I have not been very good about that as I thought.

I have been told by several people "Oh you can eat what you want, just exercise!"  Uh yeah, no.


So yes, I am going to exercise but I also do need to eat better.  Being a busy full time worker/full time student, I do not have a lot of time so I seem to use that as an excuse to eat fattier foods than I'd like. 

My solution:

Try as much as I can NOT to eat processed crap! Focus more on eating things like tofu and vegetables (raw veggies too!), and rice in small portions if I absolutely must.  Also eating less meat, or even better, no meat.  No gluten and no dairy either. 

Fruit is something else I would eat more of, I am not a big fan of most fruit so that's going to be difficult too. I do like strawberries and oranges and bananas are a sometimes, haha.

And another thing that will likely be the hardest part: cutting out the diet soda. I drink it a lot less than I used to, but the problem is I still drink it. Not good.

Baby steps of course, but on a perfect day, this would be the kind of things I eat. 

So yeah, I will be posting what I eat (No complaining about low calories please! I am not counting them and just focusing on eating better right now!) 

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  1. Wonderful insights about the relationship of diet and exercise! It's all about balance and you can totally achieve a healthy lifestyle while still eating the food that you like, albeit in smaller more balanced portions, depending upon which food group it belongs. And also, from what I've read, eating foods rich in protein like meat and soy actually makes you more long lasting and tolerant of your next hunger pang than carbs or fat. Anyway, I hope you're doing good on your diet!

    Robert DeVito @ Innovation Fitness Solutions