Saturday, September 14, 2013

Love Lululemon, Nike, etc but Hate the Cost? Go to Old Navy!

Hello everyone!

Again, I bought more workout clothing and I am very pleased with my purchases.  

I know I already wrote a bit about Old Navy's Active line, but I am even more surprised and happy with the new stuff I bought as well.

Here's what I have and a little review for each!

Fold-over Yoga Pants (Purple Essence)

These are very comfortable, fit well, and really allow me to move around easily without worry.  They are also a little thick, but that is a good thing because they are not easily seen through (like a lot of yoga pants tend to be!).  They also fit snugly around the legs while still allowing you to move around.

They cost about $18, got mine on sale!

Compression capris (in Carbon)

Also very comfortable, even though they are snug (that's what compression pants do- they are supposed to be snug!) They are very well-made and I feel that they are comparable to more expensive brands like Nike or Lululemon.  Love them for my TAM!

Compression Tank

Now, these are my favorite workout tops I have ever had.  I have owned mesh tshirts and what not (always fit weird on me and felt too tight) but these... Were amazing.  I tried them on at the store- glad I did- and initially thought I would need a XXL.  It was actually a bit too big for me- this top has a built in sports bra and I am not a busty girl (not all plus size women are! A lot of clothing stores seem to ignore this!) and I actually needed an XL.  As for the other part that I love: the bottom!  It's mesh and has a drawstring and fits very loosely- even though I went down a size, the lower portion has plenty of give to cover  up my belly (my main problem area) and be comfy and loose and breathable.

In fact, I loved these shirts so much that I not only got one in purple, but in black and grey too.

They also resemble something Lululemon sells for 4 times the price (these tops are usually $20, got mine for $15 on sale!) 

In all, quality, cost, fit- Active by Old Navy is an excellent alternative to pricier brands!  Very cute, comfortable, flattering and come in bigger sizes (Who says bigger girls have to wear ugly stuff when we work out?  Lululemon does, haha.) and very well made!

Have any of you bought any of Old Navy's workout clothes? Were you pleased with it?

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