Sunday, May 24, 2015

At Long Last, I'm Back! Also With a Review!

Hello everyone!

Long time, no see!  I have been dealing with a lot of things (no worries, I am okay) and today, I dipped my toe back into the Tracy Anderson Method!

This morning I weighed myself and was horrified. I haven't been kind to myself body

wise and that needs to stop.

So, I had the Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for Beginners and popped them in the DVD player.

I did workout 1 of the Mat Workout, and I can say I was very pleased.  It requires no equipment for this one but a mat.  The arms were weightless but burned like hell (especially for someone like me who's been out of the workout game way too long) and the legs are all done on the floor, NO KNEES.  As in, you are not on all fours. This first workout really focuses on the hips and getting those strong.  No circus moves here, but your butt and hips will DEFINITELY feel the floor work.  There is no standalone ab work, but the other stuff involves your abs as well.

After that, I did the Cardio Dance for Beginners DVD.  It's set up in 15 minute sections, each getting a little more difficult. I did the first one, naturally.  Hardly any jumping, challenging yet relatively easy to keep up (at least for me).  HIGHLY recommend it even if you're not a beginner but you only have fifteen minutes for cardio at any given time.

That said, I feel slightly sore in all the right places and oddly energized. Tracy, I've missed you. 

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